How to Install Discord on PS4 and PS5

By: Ali Haider

Updated Today

By: Ali Haider

Updated Today

How to Install Discord on PS4 PS5

In the face of recent events in this world, gamers are embracing online gaming and streaming with screen sharing to ensure they stay connected. Apps like Discord have really picked up popularity over time, while others such as Playstation’s ‘Party Chat’ on their new consoles can’t keep up.

I’m not sure why Sony doesn’t offer it through the PlayStation Store, though, since that would be one way for users who want access everywhere, regardless if they own a computer or phone – whether you’re using Android or iOS devices.

Not one to back down from a challenge, Discord is currently developing an app for PlayStation. With their amazing screen sharing feature, you can probably think up some fun games or watch Netflix with your friends while streaming on PS4/PS5 through this new release.

When you connect your PlayStation 4 or 5 to Discord, it’s easy to stay connected while gaming.

How to Setup Discord on PS4 and PS5

How to setup Discord on PS4 PS5

With all the information out there about how to get started with Discord on your Playstation 4 or 5, it is easy enough once you know what equipment works best. We have done everything possible by figuring out our own solutions and got them at an affordable price for people like yourself who want their game console experience improved without spending too much money upfront.

No matter which system of play one chooses – PS4 or PS5- getting access through installation & setup takes time, but working together ensures success while also saving resources due diligence.

Equipment Required for Setting Up Discord on PS4 or PS4

  1. A mix amp device that can support Playstation 4 and 5. According to our research, we would suggest Astro MixAmp Pro TR. This product offers great audio quality and customizable EQ settings for a decent price tag with support on all operating systems including both PS4 and PS5.
  2. The next piece of equipment you’ll need to set up your Discord on Playstation is a headphone with both optical and USB connectivity.
  3. The perfect solution for gamers with ground loops, a ground loop isolator is a passive device that will fix your audio connection.
  4. 3.5mm Aux splitter, 3.5mm Aux cable with volume and 3.5mm Male to Male Aux cable.

Using Discord on PlayStation 4 or 5

Since there is no official app for Discord available on the PlayStation Store, follow these steps to get it working with your PS4 or PS5.

  1. Download, install, and set up your Discord account on your PC or Mobile. To download Discord, use the official website rather than third-party sites.
  2. Open the browser on your PlayStation console and search for Discord.
  3. Click on Login using the controller in the top right.
  4. Login in into your account. If you are using Two-Factor authentication on your account, enter the code that you receive via email or your mobile device.
  5. Once you have logged into your account, let’s set up the externals.

Setting up Externals for setting up Discord on PS4 / PS5

Setting up the external hardware is a crucial step in getting Discord on your PlayStation.

  • Connect the optical port of your Mixamp to your Playstation.
  • Turn on the Mixamp. On the back of the MixAmp, you’re going to want to switch it to console mode.
  • If you have a dual setup, connect the 3.5mm AUX cable to your MixAmp and your PC/Mac. If you are using a ground loop noise isolator, connect it to the Aux port on the device and connect your Aux cable to it.
  • Connect the USB cable to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.
  • Connect your headset using the 3.5mm port on the front of the Astro MixAmp.

How to Set Up Discord in PS4 or PS5 Settings

Now go over to your PlayStation settings, and scroll down. Find the Audio Devices option on this page – you’ll find it near where it says “Input Device.” Select USB Headset as an input device for whatever Astro MixAmp Pro is hooked up with (your PC or Mac will usually work best). 

Make sure that when plugged into a Tv/Av Amplifier correctly too if needed. For output devices use whichever one works better: phone speakers vs headphones); turn off “Switch Output Automatically” while setting these two differently from each other in order not to have any accidental switching between them during gameplay.

Next, head back to Settings>Sound and Screen. Under this tab you will find a list of audio outputs that can be selected for your device; select the one called “Output 1 (Digital Out)” as well as Digital Audio Format: Bitstream (Dolby).

Primary Output Port PS4

On your computer, go to Discord and open settings. Under App settings>Voice and Video, make sure to select the correct input device for your microphone.

How to Install Discord on PS4 PS5

One of the coolest things about Mix Amps is that they have a second wheel, called “the leveler.” This lets you change between game audio and voice chat levels with ease.

I know it sounds simple, but trust me when I say this feature rocks because now your friends on Skype won’t hear any annoying booming or hissing during conversations anymore.

How to fix audio play on PC while using Discord on PlayStation 4 or 5

If you’re having trouble setting up audio on screen sharing in Discord, there is a possibility that your Mix Amp is using the PS as its primary source. Simply use one end of this 3.5 mm cable to connect it to your PC’s speaker port and plug-in another device like an external speakers or headphones jack into either side of where they meet (the AUX/line out).

Finally, make sure both devices are powered before initiating a connection.

Alternative of Discord and Twitch on PS4 / PS5

Alternatively, if you do not want to invest in the accessories required or would like a more hassle-free experience with Discord on your PlayStation 4 console and don’t have any plans for an update anytime soon then there is always ‘Party Chat’.

This option will allow players who are playing their favourite title together as hosts through Playstation’s native features from within that game itself so they can voice chat while still being able interact closely without having separate screens because of how close everyone sits next one another during playtime too.

If someone wants to access both screen sharing options simultaneously, though, he/she should use PS4 Share Play function, which enables them to share his entire display across all connected devices linked via Wifi network.

How to activate PS4 Party Chat on a PC?

To use the PS Party Chat feature on PC, but to make it work you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. To get started, you first need to install a program called PS Remote Play.
  2. You will need to log in to the software using your PlayStation Network (PSN) credentials.
  3. Head to your Playstation’s party chat option and connect to your personal computer.
  4. Make sure the correct input/output settings are selected on playstation and your PC.
  5. It is essential to keep the Remote Play software running in the background during the voice stream over Party Chat.


Can you install Discord on PS5?

If you’re a PlayStation player, there’s a Party Chat option to keep connected with your friends while you’re playing a game, but Discord is quickly becoming the go-to platform when it comes time to chat. You can also set up a discord on PS5 using this guide.

Can I install Discord on PlayStation 4 or PS 5?

Now you can install Discord on your PlayStation gaming console using this alternative method. Keep in mind that you may need some additional equipment.

How do I install Discord on PS4/PS5?

To get started with Discord on your PlayStation 4 or PS5, you will need a MixAmp controller and aux cable. We recommend using either the mic that comes included in most headsets as well as an external USB microphone to make sure everyone can hear each other clearly during games.

Is there an official Discord app available on PlayStation Store?

For now, you can use this alternative method to use Discord on your PlayStation as there is no official app. However, in recent months we have seen a surge in forum posts from users asking for an official Discord app for PlayStation.


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