[Guide] What Motherboard Do I Have? (How to Tell Quickly)

What Motherboard Do I Have

You can get most computer specifications in just a few clicks. For example, you can find out how much memory in your system or what type of graphics card and processor you are using.

Suppose you are not sure how to find out what motherboard you have. Let us help you out. In this guide, we will give you some tips to determine what mainboard you have.

It can be hard to figure out what motherboard your PC is running without opening the computer case under your desk with all of the wires under there.

There are, however, multiple ways to determine what type of motherboard is in your computer, and we have provided a variety of ways to find out the mainboard model.

Use Command Prompt

Use Command Prompt What Motherboard do I have

Here are some steps to identify your mainboard if you are comfortable using command prompt:

  • In the Windows search bar, type cmd and hit enter.
  • In the Command Prompt, type in wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer
  • Your motherboard name/model and manufacturer of the mobo will be displayed.

Check System Information

Check System Information to find what motherboard do I have

If you want to find out what mainboard your computer has, you can check its System Information menu. Here’s how to find out.

  • In the Windows search bar, type in ‘System Information or msinfo32.exe and hit enter.
    • Scroll down on the system summary tab until you find  Baseboard Manufacturer or Motherboard Manufacturer.

Even though it appears to be the simplest method of determining what mainboard you have, it can be somewhat hit and miss. 

With this method, you can at least determine your mainboard manufacturer; however, you may not determine the exact model number of your mainboard.

Use Third-Party Software (CPU- Z)

Check motherboard model using CPU-Z

What if you want to know every single bit of information about your computer, including the name/model of your mobo and the company that made it?

You can then use CPU-Z to find out what kind of motherboard your computer has.

Physically Check Your Motherboard Type

Physically Check Your Motherboard Type, Gigabyte-H410M-S2H

You can physically examine the mainboard if you cannot perform the above methods or use any software to check it.

If your mainboard is not installed, or your PC won’t power up, you may use this method.

This method won’t work for laptops since components are plugged into the mainboard.

Depending on your motherboard’s layout and brand, you will find different locations for the model name.

To help you find the name of the mainboard manufacturer you use, here is a list of the most common manufacturers of mainboards.

  • ASUS (or ASUSTeK)
  • Biostar
  • ASRock
  • MSI
  • EVGA
  • Gigabyte

If you do not know the model number, look for the motherboard’s chipset. It will have a four-digit code on it that starts with a letter and ends with three numbers.

Use Belarc Advisor

Using Belarc Advisor to find system information and what motherboard do I have

There is also free software called Belarc advisor that you can download and perform a device scan. 

You will receive the result as a web page with a lot of information through this software after the scan is completed.

What Motherboard You Have on Linux

How to find what motherboard do I have in Linux

If you are using Linux instead of windows, finding what mainboard do you have is quite simple.

  • Open your Terminal in Linux using Ctrl + Alt + T
  • Type in the following command ‘ sudo dmidecode -t 2 ’

You can see your mainboard serial number and model information if you have installed Linux (Ubuntu) on your computer.

What Motherboard Do I Have Window 10

Physically Check Your Motherboard Type

Physically Check Your Motherboard Type, Gigabyte-H410M-S2H

Your computer needs to be shut down, and you need a screwdriver to open the side panel of the case.

Almost every mainboard manufacturer mentions the name on the mainboard. 

In general, they write the title of the mainboard over the slot or processor. It is an old method, but very useful.


How can I find out what motherboard I have?

Follow these steps to find out what mainboard you have:

  • Type ‘cmd’ into the Windows search bar and press Enter.
  • In Command Prompt, type in ‘ wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer.
  • This command displays the manufacturer of the motherboard, along with the model name.

How do I find out what motherboard I have in Windows 10?

  • Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box
  • Then type msinfo32 and hit Enter.
  • Under System Summary, click the “BaseBoard” entry, which contains the name/model of the motherboard manufacturer.

How to Check Your Motherboard With Command Prompt?

You can quickly check your motherboard model and serial number using Windows Command Prompt by typing cmd in the start menu search bar and selecting the Best Match.

Simply type the following directly into Command Prompt:

“wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber”

Remember to include a comma separating a brand name, product, or manufacturer keywords from the modifiers.

How to Find Out What Motherboard You Have With CPU-Z?

If you want a more thorough overview of your motherboard’s specifications, use CPU-Z. This free software will give you an extensive rundown of your PC’s hardware components or if Command Prompt cannot retrieve this information.

Download the program on the CPU-Z website. Once you install and run the program, it will immediately analyze your components to identify them for you.

Simply select the mainboard tab to find out more about your mainboard.

This is where all your motherboard’s basic information is displayed in a clear and concise format.

How do I find out what motherboard I have Windows 10?

Suppose you are having trouble getting Windows 10 to recognize your hardware. In that case, you can manually install the necessary drivers by following these steps: Press the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the Run box, then type msinfo32 and hit Enter launch Microsoft’s System Information Tool.

The System Summary page is where you find information about your computer, including the manufacturer, model number, and a brief description of the processor type, RAM, storage, and video capabilities. You might also find references to case manufacturers and other technical details. 

What motherboard do I have, Mac?

Find the model number and the serial number of your computer using the following instructions: Click on the Apple icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen to open the menu. Select the “About This Mac” option from the list of apps. Click on the Software incarnation, then choose About This Mac from the resulting list of applications. Find your model number and serial number at the bottom of the screen.

What size motherboard should I buy?

For the best cooling solution, you’re going to want to look for a board with at least four memory slots. It’s a good idea to choose a model with at least four USB 3.0 ports as well. More USB ports mean more ways to connect peripherals to your computer, which will help performance considerably. Make sure you also check out their price and see if it includes an item called “Upgrade mother shield.” This will let you choose how much memory your board has installed (two or four slots).

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